Other Ministries


We do various styles of music, however worship has nothing to do with the style, volume or speed of a song. God likes all styles of music because he created it all- fast, slow, loud, soft, old and new. You and I might not like every style, but if it’s offered in spirit and truth God does, and it’s an act of worship to him. Worship is for God’s pleasure. Whether we prefer the style or not our desire should be to have an encounter with God our creator and bring pleasure to him.

Caleb’s Crowd

The Caleb’s Crowd Ministry is a wonderful opportunity to fellowship and interact with the seasoned, sometimes forgotten generation of the church today. The Calebs of Calvary is a group of individuals that love the Lord and have endured much of life’s experiences.† Our activities are geared on a lower scale that each individual may participate. As changes take place and our church moves to the next level this ministry needs to fill the gap and keep Calebs connected somewhat with their past but also looking forward to the future at Calvary. Change is a positive and so is The Caleb Ministry. At this point we do not have age guidelines. Our ministry will be open to the entire church periodically. Our desire for the Caleb Ministry is to focus entirely on the more seasoned generation of our church and just plain have fun and love them.


At Calvary our missions outreach is all about touching people’s lives. We believe this should happen locally as well as around the world. We want to reach out to people in a way that others may come to know Christ. In 1996 we as a church began taking 10% of all our tithes and giving it to the missions fund. Today we now support fourteen missionaries, as well as six other ministries. Since beginning this ministry Calvary has reached out to missionaries and ministries locally, regionally, nationally and around the world.


The WSCS is an organization in church that helps people. We prepare food for people who are ill or have had surgery, do meals for funerals, etc. We also do meals, auctions, etc., to make money for the church. We love doing this and consider this our ministry in the church.


Our benevolence ministry is the reaching out to the person in need ministry of our church. Jesus said, “if you give a cup of water in my name then you will be blessed.” As a church we want to bless and help those in need as much as possible. We try to use discretion and discernment in meeting the person’s need.

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